Peace. Joy. Love.


Our New Normal

In order to see different results from the past we must do things differently in the future. This became very clear as we began navigating our new normal after a life-changing health diagnosis. We realized that foods, beverages and habits had a significant impact on our family, and that we had the power to make healthy changes.

It’s been a dream of ours for years to have a family farm where people could stay and garden, cook, participate in outdoor adventures and spend quality time together.

We believe that when we give people time and a peaceful place to be, the power of connection with the earth and time together can help strengthen family bonds and heal old wounds.

What we’ve learned over the last three+ years of  farming journey is that we love growing our own food, and we love sharing the knowledge and produce with others! John now finds peace, renewal and hope working on the land. I know that together we can turn this property into a sustainable farm and family business that can provide for our family and the community long-term.

Although we are not experts we live this life everyday and can offer our experiences as we made our shift to sustainability, healthier nutrition, finding personal happiness and all natural growing practices.

The Foundation of all of our programs include:

  • Sustainability

  • Renewable resources

  • Land preservation

  • Research & education

  • Climate change

  • Alternative energy

  • Water reuse/ hydroelectricity

  • Knowledge is power, Keiki are our future

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