The beginning... Malulani Lane

Visiting the property for the first time was a real adventure. With only tire tracks to lead the way, we put our boots on and set out to see what we were getting ourselves into ;)

IMG_0315 2.jpg

The property is noted as a “flag lot” which I only figured out later (after looking on a map) means the shape of a flag on a poll. It’s basically a sliver of a land that connects to a bigger piece of land behind another property.


If you know me you know I LOVE orchids. So after walking down the old cane road ( 990 feet to be exact ) and over the ridge to see a feild filled with wild orchids bobbling in the wind, I immediately fell in love.

IMG_0298 2.jpg

We could see a sliver of the ocean from the lower portion of the property which was all I needed! I was SOLD.

We followed the dry creek bed down as far as we could. I could feel that this would be the first of many adventures we’d have on this path.

IMG_0307 2.jpg

Turns out, it was just the beginning of our journey traveling down this beautiful old cane field road, which we would later learn was named Malulani Lane.